Implementation Science


Implementation Science

Publisher: BioMed Central

Implementation Science is an open access, peer-reviewed online journal that
aims to publish research relevant to the scientific study of methods to
promote the uptake of research findings into routine healthcare in both
clinical and policy contexts.

Biomedical research constantly produces new findings - but often these are
not routinely translated into health care practice. Implementation research
is the scientific study of methods to promote the systematic uptake of
clinical research findings and other evidence-based practices into routine
practice, and hence to improve the quality and effectiveness of health care.
It includes the study of influences on healthcare professional and
organisational behaviour.

This lack of routine uptake is strategically important for the development
of healthcare as it clearly places an invisible ceiling on the potential for
biomedical research to enhance health outcomes. Further, it is
scientifically important because it identifies the behaviour of healthcare
professionals and healthcare organisations as key sources of variance
requiring improved empirical and theoretical understanding before effective
intervention can be reliably achieved.

Implementation Science considers the following types of articles:

* Research: reports of data from original research.
* Debate articles: present an argument that is not essentially based on
practical research. Debate articles can report on all aspects of the subject
including sociological and ethical aspects.
* Meeting report: a short description of a conference that the author has
attended. It is usually best for the article to be published as soon after
the meeting as possible, and should focus on the key developments presented
and discussed at the meeting. These articles are usually commissioned but
reports and suggestions may also be submitted for the editors'
* Methodology articles: present a new experimental method, test or
procedure. The method described may either be completely new, or may offer a
better version of an existing method.
* Short reports: brief reports of data from original research.
* Study protocols: describe proposed or ongoing research, providing a
detailed account of the hypothesis, rationale, and methodology of the study.
* Systematic reviews: Title the article in the style "The effectiveness of
audit and feedback: a systematic review". State background to the area, what
is already known and why a systematic review is needed. Then describe the
search strategy, the databases searched, inclusion and exclusion criteria,
the data extraction methods and the proposed methods of data aggregation and
analysis. Present the results and discuss their interpretation and

ISSN: 1748-5908

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to Implementation Science
using the online submission system.


Dr Martin Eccles
Professor of Clinical Effectiveness
University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Centre for Health Services Research
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom


Dr Brian Mittman, PhD
Senior Social Scientist
VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System
Los Angeles
United States


Abstracts available online. Articles available in HMTL and PDF format.

Current Issue: Volume 1:8 (31 March 2006)

Date: 27 April 2006

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Thursday, April 27, 2006
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