Information, Communication and IDRC


Information, Communication and IDRC

Date: Thu, 1 Jun 1995 02:24:53 GMT
Subject: Information, Communication and IDRC
Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 21:21:44 +0200
From: (Michael Uwe Moebius)
Subject: Information, communication and IDRC

Date: 31 MAY 95 13:37:20 EDT
Subject: Information, communication and IDRC, no. 3

Information, Communication and IDRC

The third issue (May, 1995) of "Information, Communication and IDRC", a
newsletter of the Information Sciences and Systems Division (ISSD) of
the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) has just been

This issue inlcudes the following articles:

Towards integrated program delivery: ISS Division faces a new challenge
(Martha B. Stone)

Information isssues in South Africa (James Mullin)

The electronic road to Cairo: International Conference on Population and
Development (Gilles Cliche)

GlobeSAR regional workshop (Djilali Benmouffok)

Bellanet -- a global electronic forum (David Balson)

Pan Asia Network program ( Maria Lee-Hoon Ng)

International Development Information Network, linking social science
research ( Dominique Babini)

ISSD gopher (Terry Gavin)

The International Red Cross Movement embraces modern inforamtion
technologies (Ronald Archer)

Participatory communication training planned for Africa (Guy Bessette)

Information for social policy making (Fay Durrant)

Network of networks in Latin America (Fay Durrant)

Fourth edition of the DAI CD-ROM (Mary Campbell)

The IDRC Development Data Bases Service on the Internet (Alain

The benefits and costs of information (Paul McConnell)

Canadian researchers discuss development communication (Guy Bessette)

REDATAM+ and GIS for decision-support systems in Africa (Zbigniew

Africa strategy reviewed (Martha Melesse)

New publications

Training manual for AIDS communication (Guy Bessette)

If you wish to be on the mailing list for this newsletter, please send
your request to: or Please let us know if
you wish to receive it in English or in French. Copies of the first two
issues are also available.

You can also access the newsletter through the ISSD gopher server:

Atsuko Cooke
Information Sciences and Systems Division
International Development Research Centre
tel: (613) 236-6163, ext. 2470
fax: (613) 358-3858

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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