Integrative Cancer Therapies


Integrative Cancer Therapies

Publisher: SAGE Publications

Integrative Cancer Therapies focuses on a new and growing movement in cancer
treatment. The journal emphasizes scientific understanding of alternative
medicine and traditional medicine therapies, and their responsible
integration with conventional health care. Integrative care includes
therapeutic interventions in diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress care, and
nutritional supplements, as well as experimental vaccines,
chrono-chemotherapy, and other advanced treatments.

The journal presents scientifically rigorous original research, case
studies, current literature reviews, educational roundtables, and commentary
on key topics such as: treatment strategies, evaluations of current
therapies, models for integrating complementary and conventional treatment
in clinical practice, interventions from alternative and traditional
medicine, implementing quality-of-life assessment and counseling in the
clinical setting, cancer rehabilitation during and following cancer
treatments, potential interactions of cancer chemotherapy drugs with
frequently used dietary supplements, implementing integrative cancer care
strategies into oncology practice, relevant molecular mechanisms and biology
behind integrative approaches, impact of timing of chemotherapy
administration on toxicity, response, and outcome by leading oncologists,
researchers, and health-care professionals.

Three unique features of this publication are:

Integrative Grand Rounds - insightful case studies from all viewpoints of
case management plus commentary from the editors.

Point/Counterpoint -- lively discussions of controversial issues such as the
interaction of antioxidants supplements and cancer chemotherapy or the
effects of soy in treating breast cancer.

Patient's Perspective- authoritative analysis of new treatments being
actively used by patients.

This journal will be of particular interest to: medical, surgical, and
radiation oncologists; clinical specialists frequently concerned with cancer
such as urologists, gynecologists and women's health specialists; oncology
and medical nurses; chiropractors; dietitians; pharmacists; and
sophisticated lay people.

ISSN: 1534-7354

Keith I. Block, M.D.
Integrative Cancer Therapies
Institute for Integrative Cancer Care
1800 Sherman Avenue, Suite 515
Evanston IL, 60201 USA

Telephone: 847-492-3040

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Current Issue: September 1 2004, Volume 3, No. 3

Date: 27 Oct. 2004

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
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