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International Antiviral News

Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 22:18:03 GMT
Subject: International Antiviral News

Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 10:46:57 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: International Antiviral News
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Antiviral research is a rapidly expanding field and one which is truly
interdisciplinary, incorporating synthetic chemistry, crystallography,
enzymology, pharmacology, molecular virology, medicinal chemistry and
clinical virology. Thus, it is hardly surprising that results are
published in a host of different journals and discussed at meetings
world-wide. Today, anyone wishing to keep abreast of important
developments in antiviral chemotherapy faces a time-consuming challenge.

The primary objective of International Antiviral News (IAVN) is to
provide a digest of all aspects of antiviral research. At the same
time, we hope to create a forum for dialogue and for the rapid
dissemination of information. A key feature of IAVN will be the
`Pointers' in which authors signal their current work and most recent
publications; in this issue we focus on structural studies of HIV-1
reverse transcriptase. We will also signpost papers that appear in
unexpected journals as well as in those dedicated to antiviral research.
We actively encourage authors to use IAVN to draw attention to their
work and relate it to that of others, thereby promoting comment and
opinion on all relevant matters.

The AIDS epidemic has brought antiviral research to the fore all over
the world. However, IAVN will cover the full spectrum of target viruses
and diverse strategies for their inhibition. Our Editorial Advisory
Board reflects this international research effort, with strong
representation from USA, Japan and Europe.

International Antiviral News wishes to reach out to clinician, academic
and industrial researcher alike. We believe that IAVN will become an
invaluable companion and guide to the very latest developments in
antiviral reasearch.

[Some back issues are available free; current issues require registration
to view.]

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