International Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Analysis


International Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Analysis

Our mission is to advance the science and practice of

pharmaceutical analysis by working to develop and maintain

competence, ethics and integrity and the highest

professional standards in the specialty for the benefit of

the public. The Faculty seeks, through its activities, to

bring about an improvement in the health of the public. The

areas of interest of International Journal of Pharmaceutical

Analysis are:

* Analytical Research and Development

* Analytical Services for Medical Devices

* Chemical Imaging

* Instrumentation

* Comparator Studies

*Drug analysis

* Elemental Analysis and Trace Metals

* GLP & GMP Method Development, Validation and Remediation

* NMR Analysis for Pharmaceuticals

* NMR Analysis for Counterfeit Drugs

* Pharmaceutical Auditing

* Physical Characterization Techniques for Pharmaceuticals

* Stability and Pharmaceutical Testing

E-ISSN: 2277-9353

Contact: Editor in Chief


Subject: Analytical Pharmaceutical Research and Development,
Analytical Services for Medical Devices, Chemical Imaging,
Instrumentation, Comparator

Studies, Drug analysis, Elemental Analysis and Trace Metals, GLP & GMP
Method Development, Validation and Remediation, NMR Analysis for

Pharmaceuticals, NMR Analysis for Counterfeit Drugs, Pharmaceutical
Auditing, Physical Characterization Techniques for Pharmaceuticals,
Stability and

Pharmaceutical Testing

Date Posted: 23rd January, 2013

Original posting date: 
Thursday, January 24, 2013
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