International Journal of Computer & Communication Technology (IJCCT)


International Journal of Computer & Communication Technology (IJCCT)

IJCCT is a refereed journal in the field of Computer and

Communication Technology, providing an international forum

for professionals, engineers and researchers. IJCCT reports

the new paradigms in this emerging field of technology and

envisions the future developments in the frontier areas. The

journal addresses issues for the vertical and horizontal

applications in this area.


To recognise the tremendous growth in the core field and

application areas of Computer and Communication Technology.

Further, to provide a forum for the exchange ideas on the

emerging areas and to bring together technologists,

application developers, researchers from industries,

academic institutions and R&D laboratories. It is a referred

international journal publishing original and review papers

and case studies. Special Issues devoted to important topics

in the areas of information and communication technology

will also be published periodically.


IJCCT provides a forum to help professionals, academics,

researchers and policy makers, working in the field of

information and communication technology, to disseminate

information and to learn from each other's work.

Topic Coverage

Topics suitable for IJCCT include but are not limited to:

Architectures and computation models, compiler, hardware

and OS issues

Memory system, I/O, tools, programming environment and

language supports

Performance modelling and evaluation

Artificial intelligence

Visualisation and virtual reality

Hardware/software co-design and VLSI support

Cluster, grid and web-based computing and simulation

Education in computational science and engineering

Information theory and coding and Information security

Internet and web based systems and products

Computer network planning and design

Computer network administration

Human-computer intelligent interaction

Computational linguistics

Distributed and cooperative media

Interactive communication media and contents

Mobile communication

Signal representation and processing

Digital speech and image processing

ICT infrastructure standards and security

Microprocessor interfacing and hardware design

Computer control of industrial processes

Networking-enterprise applications


Biomedical applications Computer networks

Data communications and Distributed computing

Parallel and systolic computing

Network and information security

Network architecture

Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks

Mesh networks

Mobile computing

Virtual private networks

Security in networks

Advanced network protocol design and analysis

Protocol verification and validation

Network management

Reliability and fault tolerance

Multimedia networking

Performance modelling

Routing and traffic engineering

Web computing

Network programming

Grid computing and Cluster computing

Real-time and embedded systems


Internet computing

Web services

E-ISSN: 2231- 0371

Contact: Mr. Bikash Chandra Rout


Subject: Computer Science, Computer Technology, Information
Technology, Communication Technology.

Date Posted: 14th January, 2013

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
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