International Journal of Cross Cultural Management


International Journal of Cross Cultural Management

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The International Journal of Cross Cultural Management aims to provide a
specialized academic medium and main reference for the encouragement and
dissemination of research on cross cultural aspects of management, work and
organization. This includes both original qualitative and quantitative
empirical work as well as theoretical and conceptual work which adds to the
understanding of management across cultures. In particular, contributions
are encouraged which examine the ways in which culture influences management
theory and practice, rather than purely cross cultural comparative studies
for their own sake. The Journal's scholarly endeavour is to promote an
understanding of the role of culture which is able to guide both theory and

The main emphasis is on intercultural and transcultural studies.
Intracultural analysis is invited where this contributes to an understanding
of the issues, problems and practice of managing, working and organizing
across cultures. Of particular relevance is the application of cross
cultural psychology, socio-cultural anthropology, sociology, cross cultural
communication and related disciplines to cross cultural management issues
and practice. A cross disciplinary approach will also be a feature,
addressing the international and cross cultural areas of organizational
behaviour, organizational theory, human resource management, and management
(with an emphasis on people in organizations). This does not exclude
contributions from specialists working in other fields such as marketing,
where there is a direct contribution to the understanding of the issues,
problems and practices of managing, working and organizing across cultures.
Therefore, an area such as cross cultural consumer behaviour is not likely
to be considered, but intercultural negotiation will be.

The following areas are suggested:

Cross cultural articles which help to define the area, critically evaluate
previous theory, and advocate new developments in theory and methods.
Empirical work which does not just provide simple comparison across cultures
is encouraged. Articles are welcome from any academic or management
discipline and from a broad spectrum of theoretical paradigms and
methodologies. We certainly do not want to restrict this to the accepted
'western' or 'universal' paradigms, and culturally diverse approaches are
encouraged, as are contributions from international and multicultural teams
which draw on diverse and pluricultural approaches. Articles in ths section
should address the questions 'How does this work (a) contribute to the
advancement of scientific knowledge on the role of culture in management
theory and practice, and ultimately (b) help managers better manage people,
organizations and change across cultures?'

Cultural perspectives, particularly from non-western societies, which
represent indigenous management research are actively sought. We are
particularly concerned that contributions which do not take 'western' or
'westernized' approach may be overlooked in international journals. We
encourage these contributions as long as their internal logic and external
validity is sufficiently established. Single-culture work is acceptable
provided it informs and advances knowledge in cross cultural management and
this contribution is clearly stated. The ultimate utility to cross cultural
management practice should be transparent.

Commentaries and critical reviews

We would like to encourage substantial comments on previously published
work, and perspectives on key issues in the subject area. We would also like
to receive substantial reviews of conferences and other activities of
academic and professional associations around the world devoted to cross
cultural work as well as more traditional book review articles evaluating a
number of publications. These must make a contribution to the study and
understanding of cross cultural management, and will be subject to a review

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Terence Jackson
ESCP-EAP European School of Management


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Current Issue: August 1 2004, Volume 4, No. 2

Date: 18 Oct. 2004

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Monday, October 18, 2004
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