International Journal of Electronic Healthcare (IJEH)


International Journal of Electronic Healthcare (IJEH)

Publisher: Inderscience

The International Journal of Electronic Healthcare (IJEH) is an
authoritative, fully-refereed international journal which presents current
practice and research in the area of e-healthcare. It is dedicated to
design, development, management, implementation, technology, and application
issues in e-healthcare.

IJEH aims to help professionals working in the field, academic educators and
policy makers to contribute, to disseminate knowledge, and to learn from
each other's work through cutting edge thinking in e-healthcare. The
international dimension is emphasised in order to overcome cultural and
national barriers and to meet the needs of accelerating technological change
and changes in the global economy.

IJEH is an outstanding outlet that will enable e-healthcare research to take
a shape of its own and whose results can be shared across institutions,
governments, researchers and students, as well as across the healthcare

* Up-to-date, leading edge research to keep readers ahead and maintain a
competitive edge best practice in e-healthcare
* Practical guidance on ways to achieve significant effectiveness and
efficiency in e-healthcare development and implementation
* In-depth analysis and interpretation to advance our understanding and
provide a framework for further study of e-healthcare
* International coverage which allows us to share information and knowledge
and insight on a worldwide scale.

ISSN (Online): 1741-8461
ISSN (Print): 1741-8453


Prof. Dr. Binshan Lin
BellSouth Corporation Professor
Louisiana State University in Shreveport
Department of Management and Marketing
BE321, College of Business Administration
One University Place
Shreveport LA 71115


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Current Issue: Volume 3 Issue 4 2007

Date: 28 April 2008

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Monday, April 28, 2008
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