International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications


International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications

Publisher: SAGE Publications

The International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications is
directed to researchers in computational science, as well as to educators,
programmers, designers, and users of computers who have particular interests
in the application and development of supercomputers.

The goal of the journal is to provide a lively forum for the communications
of original research papers and timely review articles on the use of
supercomputers to solve complex modeling problems in a spectrum of

The emphasis will be on experiences with the use of supercomputers rather
than on the exposition of computational results peculiar to a specific
research topic. Software techniques that apply to classes of problems often
cross disciplines; articles should focus on the exchange of such techniques,
as well as present methods for analyzing, measuring and applying algorithms
and solution schemes related to particular application areas.

The scope of the journal is reflected by the specialties of the board of
contributing editors. Sample topic areas include aerospace engineering,
artificial intelligence and knowledge processing, astro physics, atmospheric
research and meteorological forecasting, automotive design and production,
computational aerodynamics, computer graphics and imaging, cryptographic
analysis, economic modeling, implementation techniques and pragmatic
software and architectural considerations, integrated circuit design,
molecular biology, motion-picture graphics, nuclear fusion research,
performance studies, petroleum reservoir engineering and hydrology
simulations, pharmaceutical research structural analysis and computer-aided
design, and theoretical and experimental physics.

ISSN: 1094-3420


Dr. Jack Dongarra
Department of Computer Science
1122 Volunteer Boulevard, Suite 203
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-3450


Professor David Keyes
Applied Physics & Applied Maths
Columbia University
200 S W Mudd Building
500 W 120th South Street
New York, NY 10027

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Current Issue: Winter 2005, Volume 19, No. 4

Date: 10 November 2005

Original posting date: 
Thursday, November 10, 2005
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