International Journal of Music Education


International Journal of Music Education

Publisher: SAGE Publications

The purpose of the Journal is to publish (in the English language) articles,
reviews and scholarly comment which have been judged worthy of publication
by appropriate specialists and accepted by the Editor on studies relating to
music education by which is understood:

1. The International Journal of Music Education is the official journal of
the International Society for Music Education. It is designed to publish
articles across a wide range of literature on music education including
materials relevant to teaching and learning at all levels, in all forms, in
all contexts, and from pre-primary to higher and lifelong music education.
IJME aims to recognise and address what is useful, innovative and relevant
to an international community of practitioners, researchers and
practitioner-researchers whose voices, whether heard as soloists or in
choruses, constitute a dialogue about new possibilities for advancing theory
and practice.

2. The Journal will be international in the sense that it will seek,
wherever possible, to publish material from authors with an international
reputation and articles that are of interest to an international audience.

3. In pursuit of the above the journal shall:

(i) draw on and include high quality work from the international community
of scholars including those in the major countries of Europe, Australasia,
the United States, other parts of the Americas, countries in the Third World
and elsewhere with due representation for considerations of the readership.
The Journal shall include work representing the major areas of interest in
contemporary research on music education.

(ii) avoid bias in favour of the interests of particular schools or
directions of research or particular political or narrow disciplinary
objectives to the exclusion of others;

(iii) ensure that articles are written in a terminology and style which
makes them intelligible, not merely within the context of a particular
discipline or abstract mode, but across the domain of relevant disciplines.

ISSN: 0255-7614


Christopher Johnson
University of Kansas

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Current Issue: December 1 2004, Volume 22, No. 3

Date: 6 Dec. 2004

Original posting date: 
Monday, December 6, 2004
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