International Journal of Nuclear Governance, Economy and Ecology (IJNGEE)


International Journal of Nuclear Governance, Economy and Ecology (IJNGEE)

Publisher: Inderscience Publishing Ltd.

The IJNGEE proposes and fosters discussion on the evolution and governance
of nuclear resources, with emphasis on the implications that policy choices
have on both the welfare of humans and the ecology of the planet. This
perspective acknowledges the complexity of the nuclear sector as an
interface between ecological and socio-economic processes operating in
parallel over different space-time scales, as well as the reflexive
characteristic of human systems.

The objectives of IJNGEE are to establish an effective channel of
communication between policy makers, government agencies, public
authorities, academic and research institutions, citizens, consumer bodies
and professionals in industry, concerned with the complex role of nuclear
energy in society.

It also aims to promote and coordinate developments in the field of nuclear
resources. The international dimension is emphasised in order to overcome
cultural and national barriers and to meet the needs of accelerating
technological and ecological change and changes in the global economy.

The IJNGEE publishes original works, review papers, technical reports,
state-of-the-art reviews advancing theoretical constructs (including
concepts, models, algorithms, methods, etc.), commentaries on policies,
meeting and conference reports, book reviews and notes, and other
significant news relevant to the discipline. Contribution may be by
submission or invitation.

ISSN (Online): 1742-4194
ISSN (Print): 1742-4186

Editor in Chief:

Prof. José Allouche
IAE - University of Paris I "Panthéon La Sorbonne"
21 rue Broca
75260 Paris cedex 05, FRANCE


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Current Issue: Volume 1 Issue 1 2006

Date: 10 March 2006

Original posting date: 
Friday, March 10, 2006
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