International Journal of Nuclear Law (IJNL)


International Journal of Nuclear Law (IJNL)

Publisher: Inderscience

The goals of the IJNL are to provide a forum for thoughtful analysis
focusing on issues of concern to nuclear law and regulations, to arrange for
and promote studies and the knowledge of legal problems related to the
peaceful utilization of nuclear energy under the special aspects of the
protection of man and his environment, to help promote the exchange of
information and to contribute the development of legislation governing the
peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

IJNL will draw together, analyse and propagate on a world-wide basis,
information on nuclear legislation, jurisprudence, international agreements,
other relevant developments in the field of nuclear law.

IJNL will publish high quality theoretical and practical issues, critical
analysis of current issues from a wide variety of topics refereed and
written to the highest standards, providing innovative and authoritative
appraisals of current and emerging concepts, policies and practice about
nuclear law. The journal style and dialogue will be inclusive and attempt to
involve all those who are interested in issues of nuclear law.

IJNL publishes original papers, theoretical (literature review based),
empirical (work surveys and case studies) critically reflective work
(thought-leadership commentaries) describing and developing pertinent
insights into the broad subject matter, conference reports, relevant reports
and news, book reviews and briefs. Commentaries on papers and reports
published in the Journal are encouraged. Authors will have the opportunity
to respond to the commentary on their work before the entire treatment is

Subject Coverage:

* The origins and uniqueness of nuclear law
* Nuclear law and the legislative process
* The Regulatory Body
* Licensing, inspection and enforcement
* Radiation protection
* Nuclear safety and prevention and management of nuclear accidents
* The Convention on Nuclear Safety and the Concept of Nuclear Safety Culture
* The Convention on Early Notification and the Convention on Assistance
* Emergency preparedness and responses
* Mining and milling
* Trade and transport of nuclear materials and equipment
* Specificity of nuclear trade rules
* Competition rules constraints imposed on international nuclear trade by
nuclear export control regimes
* Reliability of contractual relations in international nuclear trade
* Spent fuel and radioactive waste
* The Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the
Safety of Radioactive Waste Management
* Legal and political issues related to the international movements of
nuclear fuel and radioactive waste
* Comparative study on the legal status of repositories for long-lived
radioactive waste
* Nuclear liability and coverage
* Non-proliferation and physical protection
* Physical protection and illicit trafficking of nuclear materials
* International law issues raised by terrorist acts against nuclear
* Historical and political dimensions of non-proliferation
* Emerging international law on nuclear non-proliferation
* Competition and deregulation: competition law in the nuclear field
* Responsibility towards future generations: ethical, legal and financial
* History of nuclear law
* Legislative process
* Safety and regulation
* Licensing, inspection and enforcement
* Radiological protection
* Waste management
* Trade and transport
* Safeguards and non proliferation requirements
* International law issues raised by global terrorism
* Liability and cover
* Nuclear energy policy
* Competitiveness and deregulation
* Nuclear safety culture
* Ethics

ISSN (Online): 1741-6396
ISSN (Print): 1741-6388



Prof. Dr. André Maïsseu
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Current Issue: Volume 1 Issue 1 2006

Date: 9 May 2006

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006
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