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International Teletimes
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TITLE: International Teletimes
ISSN #: none...yet
Description: Teletimes is a general interest magazine which has a different
theme each month (anything from Education to Travel or History) as well as
many regular columns such as Cuisine, Keepers of Light (photography) and
the Wine Enthusiast.
To Subscribe: Send free subscription request to or
Submissions: Send all submissions and requests for information to or
Related List:
Back Issues: Macintosh back issues are available by FTP at in the info-mac/per directory. Mac and ASCII
versions are also available at in the Zines/teletimes
Periodicity: Monthly
Contact: Above e-mails or 3938 W. 30th Ave, Vancouver, BC, V6S 1X3, Canada.

**INTERNATIONAL TELETIMES****************************************
* Teletimes is a general interest electronic magazine. Get your *
* free subscription by sending your e-mail address, computer *
* type and country of residence to: *
* Also take a look at our WWW server -> *

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