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Interpsych Newsletter
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 07:37:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ann Okerson <>
Subject: Interpsych Newsletter

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From: ssulliva@OPAL.TUFTS.EDU (Sean Sullivan)
Subject: IPN: Request for editors and contributors

The Interpsych Newsletter (IPN) is currently looking for editors and
contributors. Both these postitions are described below. As Interpsych
grows and expands in membership and function, we believe this newsletter
will be a central resource and will play an integral role in providing
cohesion between the different branches of the organization and its members.

We look forward to working with Interpsych in defining and shaping the way
the internet is used in the next millenia.


Editors will be required to work on the newsletter on a regular basis.
Current plans are for the newsletter to be distributed on a monthly basis
and then move to a twice monthly format in the very near future. If you are
interested in working as an editor, please email me stating your interest
and outlining any relevant experience that you have had. If you are
interested in working on a specific section, please specify which section
you are interested in working on (they are listed below). However, as the
newsletter is currently in flux, specific committments cannot be made to
certain sections.


Contributors will work on an irregular basis as the needs of the newsletter
and their expertise dictate. If you are interested in writing for any of
the sections mentioned below (or are interested in writing for the
newsletter with no specific section in mind), please email me outlining your
interest and relevant experience.

The following is a breakdown of what will be contained in the newsletter:

SECTION 0: Index

SECTION 1: Mental health news

This section contains short articles on recent developments in the field
of mental health and relevant newstories.

SECTION 2: Interpsych Update

This section serves both to keep people informed and also encourage
people to become active in the organization. This section contains two
general article types:

a) Short articles discussing current work being done at Interpsych,
progress that has been made in plans etc.

b) Special Interest Groups (SIGs): This section contains short
summarizations of a topic of recent discussions in 4-6 SIGs. The groups
will contribute on a rotating basis. This section will also list new
SIGs that have been created.

SECTION 3: Resource update

This section will describe a new site/resource and what it contains. The
aim of this section is to encourage the use of resources currently
available on the net.

SECTION 4: Research

This section has three subsections:

a) a listing of the tables of contents of Interpsych's journals
b) A "Call for collaborators"
c) Articles

SECTION 5: Miscellaneous

This section will contain a general internet column and any other
contributions that do not fall into other categories.

SECTION 6: Calendar/announcements

This section lists conferences (physical/electronic) relevant to the
Interpsych audience and makes announcements.

SECTION 7: Employment

a) a subsection advertising jobs
b) a subsection of people looking for work

SECTION 8: Letters

Sean P. Sullivan
Editor-In-Chief, Interpsych Newsletter

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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