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Subject: I/O

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I/O MAGAZINE is a Sacramento-based, free publication with a circulation
of 20,000. The focus of the magazine is computers and computer
technology. Each issue has from 5 to 8 articles, whose topics range
from computer applications, game reviews, hardware reviews, the
Internet, and breaking computer news stories from around the world. We
occasionally print technology oriented fiction. We like to feature
original artwork on the cover (paintings, sculptures, and
computer-generated creations).

[from the June 1995 Table of Contents]

I/O Bitstream
Words from the Publisher
Letters from our Readers
Windows 95 Preview by John Christensen
ZIP Drives -- PC Storage Solutions by Erin Smothers
An Enemy of the People by Bob Liddil
The Experiment is Over by Bob Fleishman
Navigating the Web by Pat McGregor
Terminal Velocity Review by Erin Smothers
Mortal Kombat II Review by Ian Justman

IOmagazine@aol.com, iomag@mother.com

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