Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR)


Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR)
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Hello. One of my colleagues forwarded me the following:

>ELECTRONIC JOURNALS. The Association of Research Libraries has published
>the third edition of the hard-copy Directory of Electronic Journals,
>Newsletters, and Scholarly Discussion Lists. For info:

I'd like to let you know about an electronic journal that began publishing
in August. Below you will find one of our announcements that went over the
net earlier this year. Thanks,
- Steve Minton


Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research


The AI Access Foundation is pleased to announce that the Journal of
Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) is now available over the
internet. You can access JAIR via either Usenet (see the newsgroup, gopher, anonymous FTP or automated email. For
further information, send electronic mail to with the
subject ``autorespond'' and the message body ``help'', or contact


JAIR is a refereed publication, covering all areas of AI, that is
distributed over the internet. In addition, each complete volume of
JAIR will be published by Morgan Kaufmann. JAIR offers AI
researchers several advantages over existing journals:

-- To promote rapid publication of research results, articles sent to
JAIR are reviewed and returned to the authors in approximately
6 weeks. Electronic publication occurs immediately after the
editor receives the final version of an accepted article.

-- Articles are distributed free of charge over the internet via ftp,
gopher, WWW, automated email, and a Usenet newsgroup. Articles
are available in postscript.

-- JAIR supports a variety of electronic services, so that
subscribers can take full advantage of the electronic medium.
For example, articles can be accompanied by online appendices
containing data/code.

JAIR will only publish articles of the highest quality. Submissions
will be evaluated on their originality and significance. All claims
should be clearly articulated and justified either empirically or
theoretically. Papers should describe work that has both practical
and theoretical significance.

We encourage authors to be concise. Short, high-quality articles will
be welcomed, in addition to the longer articles that traditionally
appear in AI journals. JAIR will also publish technical notes -- very
brief papers that extend or evaluate previous work. We invite
submissions in all areas of AI, including automated reasoning,
cognitive modeling, knowledge representation, learning, natural
language, perception, and robotics.

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research is available free of charge
as an Open Access journal on the Internet.



Steven Minton


Jon Doyle Richard Korf
Fausto Giunchiglia Wendy Lehnert
Henry Kautz Richard Sutton
Daniel Weld


Jan Aikins David Haussler Martha Pollack
Yuichiro Anzai Julia Hirschberg Ross Quinlan
Rodney Brooks Lawrence Hunter Edwina Rissland
Murray Campbell Takeo Kanade Paul Rosenbloom
Thomas Dean Hiroaki Kitano Stuart Russell
Rina Dechter Pat Langley Erik Sandewall
Gerald DeJong Ramon Lopez de Mantaras Bart Selman
Johan de Kleer David McAllester Stuart Shieber
Didier Dubois Kathleen McKeown Douglas Smith
Edmund Durfee Stephen Muggleton Luc Steels
David Etherington Hideyuki Nakashima Anthony Stentz
Oren Etzioni Nils Nilsson Peter Struss
Kenneth Forbus Toyoaki Nishida Hozumi Tanaka
Michael Georgeff Christos Papadimitriou Austin Tate
Matthew Ginsberg Judea Pearl David Touretzky
Walter Hamscher Tomaso Poggio Michael Wellman


Jaime Carbonell Kenneth Forbus Paul Rosenbloom
Thomas Dietterich Peter Friedland Bart Selman
Oren Etzioni Matthew Ginsberg

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