Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)


Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)

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Subject: Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)

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Subject: Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)

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Subject: CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)
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Subject: CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)

Call for Papers and Information for Contributors

Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)
ISSN 1081-6399
(c) 1995 by the Society for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (SBAT)

Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT)

Within the next month a new type of electronic journal will be appearing
at the following World Wide Web site:
(Link inactive 1 June 2004)

The Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy (jBAT) will be a peer-reviewed
journal of basic behavior analysis, applied behavior analysis and behavior
theory and therapy. The journal will have full graphical capabilities as
well. The editorial board of jBAT is composed of an international
assemblage of behavior analysts, behavior therapists, and behavioral
theoreticians. Sections of jBAT will be devoted to behavioral assessment,
behavior therapy (child and adult), and other cutting edge behavioral
research in applied behavior analysis, behavioral medicine, behavioral
pharmacology, organizational behavior management, development and behavior
analysis, behavior analysis and education, and methodological issues in
behavior analysis. A section of jBAT will also be dedicated to student
issues and research in behavior analysis and therapy. Another section of
jBAT will be devoted to reviewing and abstracting other cutting edge
research in basic and applied behavior analysis. Comprehensive review
articles are welcome on a topic relevant to behavior analysis, broadly
defined. In short, the journal would be a comprehensive treatment
ofadvances in behavior analysis and therapy, integrating basic behavioral
research, and cutting across the disciplines of behavior analysis and
behavior therapy. This type of journal does not even appear in the printed
area at present. The coupling of this new format for the integration of
behavior analysis and behavior therapy, as well as the use of the Internet
for rapid dissemination of empirical data and reviews over the World Wide
Web puts this project in a unique position in the history of our scientific

Major Sections of jBAT, Editor and Associate Editors:

Editor: Joseph J. Plaud, University of North Dakota

(1) The Experimental Analysis of Behavior

Associate Editor: Michael Davison, University of Auckland

(2) Clinical Psychology and Clinical Behavior Therapy

Associate Editor: Ronald S. Drabman, Univ. of Mississippi School of Medicine

(3) Behavioral Medicine

Associate Editor: Nancy D. Vogeltanz, University of North Dakota

(4) Behavioral Pharmacology

Associate Editor: James Mulick, Ohio State University

(5) Organizational Behavior Management

Associate Editor: Donald Hantula, Temple University

(6) Development and Behavior Analysis

Associate Editors:
Dan Houlihan, Mankato State University

Michael Commons, Harvard University

(7) Behavior Analysis and Education

Associate Editor: Stephen Provost, University of Newcastle

(10) Methodological Issues in Behavior Analysis

Associate Editor: Alan Baron, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

(11) Review of Materials in other Journals Related to Behavior Analysis and
Therapy, Clinical Psychology, and Bridges Between Behaviorism and Cognitivism

Associate Editor: James Carr, Florida State University

(12) Theoretical and Philosophical Issues in Scientific Psychology

Associate Editor: Kelly Wilson, University of Nevada-Reno

(13) Student Issues and Research in Behavior Analysis and Therapy

Associate Editor: John Forsyth, West Virginia University

Contributing Associate Editors:
Charles Westerfield, Central Michigan University

George Gaither, University of North Dakota

Richard Rosenkranz, University of North Dakota


jBAT Technical and Copy-Editing Team (Associate Editor status as well):

James Sturges, University of Mississippi School of Medicine

Brendan Tompkins, Univeristy of South Florida

John Lloyd, University of Virginia

Information for Contributors:

Contributors are requested to submit manuscripts by one of two methods: (1)
email one copy of the manuscript in ascii or encoded-binary form to Joseph
J. Plaud, Editor, Journal of Behavior Analysis and Therapy, to one of the
following email addresses: or; (2) conventional mail (U.S. postal service or
private carrier), five copies of original submissions (including
illustrations) to Joseph J. Plaud, Editor, Journal of Behavior Analysis and
Therapy, Department of Psychology, University of North Dakota, P.O. Box
8380, Grand Forks, ND, 58202-8380. Manuscripts should be prepared according
to the _Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association_ (4th
ed.), with all materials and attachments double-spaced. Include a brief
abstract as a separate page (approximately 100 words). Below the abstract
(on the same page) also include a listing of 6-8 key words which may be used
to reference the manuscript. The authors are responsible for obtaining
written permission (for nonexclusive world rights in all languages for
current use, both electronic and in print, and in future editions) from
copyright owners for quotations of greater than 500 words or reprinting
tables or figures. Contributors should include a cover letter containing
their email addresses, a statement that the findings are original,
unreported except as noted in the document, and not submitted elsewhere.
Contributors should state that the work contained in the submitted
manuscript conforms to the human and/or animal ethical legislation
appropriate to the country in which the work was carried out, and should
cite that legislation. The methods of informed consent should be specified,
and the name of the approving Institutional Review Board reported. Accepted
manuscripts will be edited from computer diskette and/or email.
Instructions for submitting final electronic manuscript copy will be
provided upon acceptance of the manuscript.

Joseph J. Plaud, Ph.D. University of North Dakota P.O. Box 8380
Department of Psychology Grand Forks, ND 58202-8380 (701) 777-4494
E-mail 1: Plaud@Badlands.NoDak.Edu E-Mail 2: Plaud@Plains.NoDak.Edu
(Link inactive 1 June 2004)

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