Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration


Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration

Publisher: BioMed Central

Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration is an Open Access,
peer-reviewed, online journal soon to be launched by BioMed Central.

Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration will encompass all aspects
of scientific information management and studies of scientific practice,
with a particular emphasis on biomedical laboratory investigations.
Currently, many scattered disciplines study aspects of scientific practice,
including informatics, computer science, sociology, cognitive psychology,
scientometrics, rhetoric, and history and philosophy of science. The journal
will connect these disparate perspectives with each other, and with
contemporary scientific practice.

Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration will emphasize original
research, but will also consider the following article types: software
articles, case studies, discovery notes, discovery diaries, reviews,
commentaries, and debate articles. It will publish scholarly studies of
scientific practice, information needs, tool development, bibliometrics, and
data representation methods, amongst others.

Papers will be submitted online to the main editorial office and sent out
for review, generally to two anonymous peer reviewers, to consider whether
the paper is novel, topically relevant, balanced, coherent, complete, and
shows adequate literary quality and scholarship. In case of a split
decision, another review may be sought or an editorial decision may be made.

ISSN: 1747-5333


Neil Smalheiser
University of Illinois
United States of America


Current Issue: Forthcoming

Date: 24 August 2005

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
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