Journal of Building Physics


Journal of Building Physics

Publisher: SAGE Publications in association with International Association
of Building Physics (IABF)

Formerly Known as Journal of Thermal Envelope and Building Science

The objectives of Journal of Building Physics are to foster and promote
scientifically thorough advancement of all the areas of non-structural
performance of a building and particularly in heat, air, moisture transfer.
Our goal is to enhance deeper insight and understanding, and enable the
development of scientifically-based design tools, which are crucial for the
implementation of a performance-based engineering approach in building

Recently the scope of the journal has been broadened, in response to
readers' interests--and as a result of the shift in focus of the
leading-edge building research organizations. Formerly titled Journal of
Thermal Envelope and Building Science, the vision of the JBP is to
facilitate the integration and implementation of a scientific approach in
building physics with the various domains of building performance.

ISSN: 1744-2591
eISSN: 1744-2583


Mark Bomberg
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY, USA


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Current Issue: April 1 2006, Volume 29, No. 4

Date: 19 April 2006

Original posting date: 
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
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