Journal of Carcinogenesis


Journal of Carcinogenesis

Publisher: BioMed Central

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The Journal of Carcinogenesis will be a multi-disciplinary journal
designed to bring together many aspects of research which will lead to
understanding the process of carcinogenesis and finally to the
prevention of cancer in humans. The journal will publish papers in
several areas of carcinogenesis that include physical and chemical
carcinogenesis and mutagenesis; processes such as DNA repair that
influence or modulate carcinogenesis, genetics and nutrition;
metabolism of carcinogens; the mechanism of action of carcinogens and
modulating agents; epidemiological studies; and the formation,
detection, identification and quantification of environmental
carcinogens. We will include papers that may belong to the area of
cancer research but show relevance to carcinogenesis such as studies on
DNA, small molecule adducts/complexes, mechanisms of action of anti-
cancer drugs and chemoprevention agents.

ISSN: 1477-3163

Editor-in-Chief: Gopala Kovvali email:

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Wednesday, December 3, 2003
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