Journal of Consumer Culture


Journal of Consumer Culture

Publisher: SAGE Publications

The Journal of Consumer Culture is a major new journal designed to support
and promote the dynamic expansion in interdisciplinary research focused on
consumption and consumer culture, opening up debates and areas of
exploration. Global in perspective and drawing on both theory and empirical
research, the journal reflects the need to engage critically with modern
consumer culture and to understand its central role in contemporary social

The Journal of Consumer Culture brings together articles from the many
social sciences and humanities in which consumer culture has become a
significant focus. It also engages with overarching contemporary
perspectives on social transformation, all of which give an unprecedented
importance to consumption in understanding social processes at both local
and global levels.

The Journal of Consumer Culture covers a wide range of topics relating
consumer culture to issues such as:

* globalization * shopping and marketing * the body * ecommerce and the
information society * social divisions of gender, class, sexuality and
ethnicity * commodification * aestheticisation and virtuality * science and
technology studies * environmental critiques * popular and material culture

identity * taste, style and fashion * classical and contemporary social
theory * economic sociology * work * production and design * media and
cultural consumption.

ISSN: 1469-5405


Professor George Ritzer
Department of Sociology
University of Maryland-College Park
College Park, MD 20742



Don Slater
Department of Sociology
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
London, WC2A 2AE


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Current Issue: November 1 2004, Volume 4, No. 3

Date: 17 Dec. 2004

Original posting date: 
Friday, December 17, 2004
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