Journal of Fire Sciences


Journal of Fire Sciences

Publisher: SAGE Publications

The Journal of Fire Sciences is the leading journal reporting new
developments in this technology. Each bimonthly issue publishes
peer-reviewed articles by recognized specialists in this technology from
around the world. The in-depth articles provide new science-based
information useful in materials research and product development.

Each Issue covers:

* New developments in the measurement of the fire performance of materials
and products

* Advances in fire chemistry and physics, fire retardance technology,
analysis of combustion products, smoke toxicology and corrosivity

* Engineering aspects of fire safety including fire modeling and assessment
of hazard and risk

* Advances in standards and performance based codes

In materials R&D, fire safety is often a major concern. Advances have been
made in recent years but there are still important goals to achieve in the
fire safety of a wide range of materials that pose fire risk. These include
materials used in products and structures ranging from apparel and interior
furnishings to commercial aircraft and public buildings.

Information on the fire behavior and fire retardance of all commercially
important flammable materials are covered including plastics, composites,
coatings, textiles, and natural materials such as cellulose and fibers. All
areas of the fire science of materials are covered including: * Fire
chemistry and physics * Measurement of fire properties * Smoke toxicology
and corrosivity * Fire modeling * Test methods * Combustion products * Fire
retardance chemistry * Hazard and risk assessment * Standards, codes and

ISSN: 0734-9041

Dr. Gordon E. Hartzell,
Editor, Journal of Fire Sciences,
3318 Litchfield Dr., San Antonio,
TX 78230-4006

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Current Issue: November 1 2004, Volume 22, No. 6

Date: 29 Oct. 2004

Original posting date: 
Friday, October 29, 2004
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