Journal of Management Education


Journal of Management Education

Publisher: SAGE Publications in association with the Organizational Behavior
Teaching Society

The Journal of Management Education (formerly The Organizational Behavior
Teaching Review) is dedicated to enhancing learning and teaching in all
areas of management and organizational studies.

The Journal of Management Education explores the methods and theories
behind management and organizational behaviour education. The journal''s
reflective and informative nature makes it an ideal source for teaching
exercises, ideas and strategies. Its experienced editorial board ensure
readers receive a variety of relevant topics and key issues, including:

Field Projects and Internships * Classroom Participation * Student-Generated
Examinations * Humour and Teaching * Role-Playing and Simulations * Gender
Issues * Research Versus Practice * Business Ethics * Sex, Racial and Ethnic
Stereotypes * Active Listening * Co-Teaching * Student Evaluation *
Curriculum Development * Organizational Culture * International Perspectives
* Writing-to-Learn * Case Methods.

The editors encourage contributions that respond to important issues in
management education, including one or more of the following: How does
learning occur? What should we be teaching? What should we be learning? What
can be done to enhance learning effectiveness? How can management education
delivery programs or systems be improved? What current educational
assumptions or practices should be questioned or challenged?

The overriding question that guides the review process is: Will this
contribution have a significant impact on thinking and/or practice in
management education? Contributions may be either conceptual or empirical
in nature and are welcomed from any topic area as long as their primary
focus is on learning and teaching issues in management or organizational

Authors are strongly encouraged to have their work reviewed and evaluated by
their colleagues prior to submission for formal editorial review. Guidance
for authors may be garnered by examining what JME (and its predecessors, The
Organizational Behavior Teaching Review) has published in recent years, and
by communicating with members of the editorial board or the editor.

ISSN: 1052-5629

Manuscripts should be submitted in electronic format only. They should be
transmitted to the edtior, Dr. Janice Jackson, at with all
text, graphs, and diagrams included in an attached Microsoft Word file.

Content available by subscription.

Abstracts available online. Articles available in PDF format.

Current Issue: June 1 2005, Volume 29, No. 3

Date: 20 June 2005

Original posting date: 
Monday, June 20, 2005
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