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Journal of Neuroimaging

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Publisher: SAGE Publications in association with the American Society of

The Journal of Neuroimaging, the official journal of the American Society of
Neuroimaging and the Neurosonology Research Group of the World Federation of
Neurology, covers a wide range of international neurological imaging
techniques in a practical clinical context, including: MRI; SPECT;
Functional MRI; CT; PET; Xenon CT; Carotid Ultrasound and TCD; Endovascular
Surgical Neuroradiology-- as well as other new and upcoming neuroscientific

Offering original research, review articles, case reports, neuroimaging
CPCs, and evaluations of instruments and technology relevant to the nervous
system, the Journal of Neuroimaging focuses on useful clinical developments
and applications, tested techniques and interpretations, patient care,
diagnostics, and therapeutics. Some of the key topics covered in recent
issues include:

* Hemorrhage After Stroke
* Cranial Nerve Visualization
* The Aging Brain
* Computerized Brain Modeling
* Imaging of Degenerative Diseases
* Interventional Neuroradiology
* A-V Malformation Visualization
plus much more!

The journal offers selected color images. The illustrations are as
meticulously edited as the peer-reviewed editorial content, which emphasizes
selecting the appropriate modality and using neuroimaging techniques to
improve diagnosis and treatment.

The Journal of Neuroimaging addresses the full spectrum of human nervous
system disease, including stroke, neoplasia, degenerating and demyelinating
disease, epilepsy, tumors, lesions, infectious disease, cerebral vascular
arterial diseases, toxic-metabolic disease, psychoses, dementias,
heredo-familial disease, and trauma.

The journal features several rotating departments including: Clinical
Investigative Studies, Views and Reviews, Laboratory Investigative Studies,
Significant Case Reports, Technology Updates, Neuroimaging CPCs (Clinical
Neuroimaging Pathological Conference), Instrumentation in Practice,
Work-in-Progress, Abstracts from the Annual Meeting, and Letters to the

The journal occasionally complements its broad coverage with supplements on
a particular topic. The supplement Atrophy of the Brain was published in
the July 2004 issue.

ISSN: 1051-2284

Lawrence R. Wechsler, MD
Journal of Neuroimaging
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Current Issue: April 1 2005, Volume 15, No. 2

Date: 11 March 2005

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Friday, March 11, 2005
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