Journal of Online Law


Journal of Online Law

Date: 31 Mar 95 17:40:46
From: (Trotter Hardy)
Subject: Journal of Online Law


Online Journal to Examine Legal Issues of Cyberspace

WILLIAMSBURG, VA - The explosion in use of the internet and online
communications services has brought with it a growing number of legal
issues. Enter "The Journal of Online Law," a new journal to examine
these issues and offer solutions. The journal will be edited by Trotter
Hardy, a professor at the College of William and Mary's School of Law.

The journal is an outgrowth of an electronic discussion group called
"Cyberia" that Hardy and others have been conducting for three years
over the Internet communications network. "We will examine the law of
computer networks, addressing the legal problems raised by things like
anonymity, encryption, the liability of on-line service providers, and
copyright in digital materials," said Hardy.

Articles for the journal will be "peer reviewed" by other faculty
members for scholarly merit, but this is not intended to be a journal
intelligible to law professors only. Hardy said the articles will be in
essay format, with an emphasis on readability and thoughtfulness.
"We're trying to provide early identification of legal problem areas and
possible resolutions," Hardy explained. "We also plan to offer essays
from those interested in political science and jurisprudence as they
relate to the law and regulation of cyberspace."

A board of editorial advisors with representatives from the computer
industry and academia has been established. Hardy already has four
articles lined up for the first issue, which he expects to be
distributed in May. Distribution will be principally in electronic
form, and subscriptions are free.

To subscribe, send e-mail to "" with the
body of the message consisting of "subscribe JOL" followed by a name,
like this: "subscribe JOL Alice Smith".

Hardy will also post the journal on the World Wide Web, where it will
be available to "browsers" like Mosaic, Netscape, and Cello. The WWW
address will be A
formatted version for downloading will also be available from the
William and Mary "gopher" server:, by following the menus
"School of Law/Publications/Journal of Online Law."

New issues will be released every three to six months.

Trotter Hardy / (804) 221-3826 / Marshall-Wythe School of Law /
College of William & Mary / Williamsburg VA 23187

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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