Journal of Political Ecology


Journal of Political Ecology: Case Studies in History and the Social

ISSN 1073-0451

Description: The Journal of Political Ecology is intended to fill a
gap in the social sciences by bringing together researchers from many
disciplines with a common interest in links between political and
economic systems, on the one hand, and local populations and ecosystems, on
the other. JPE hopes to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and research
on the interface between political economy and ecology. The journal is free
to readers and libraries world-wide via Internet in three versions;an
on-line extended ASCII version, and a professionally formatted postscript
version that is capable of incorporating graphics in the text and PDF.

JPE is peer reviewed and will publish articles, research reports, book
reviews and research abstracts. JPE will publish articles in English,
French, or Spanish (with abstracts in all three languages). Authors
may obtain professional "reprints" at cost from JPE at any time.The JPE
menu will also provide access to a moderated free public Forum in which
interested people may comment on JPE articles and issues of relevance
to political ecology, read new posted materials or post significant
bibliographies, databases or political ecology news. The Journal of
Political Ecology is a publication of the Bureau of Applied Research
in Anthropology, University of Arizona and guided by a board of
prominent scholars from a variety of disciplines.


Dr.James B. Greenberg, jgreenbe@U.Arizona.EDU

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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