Journal of Statistics Education


Journal of Statistics Education

ISSN 1069-1898

The Journal of Statistics Education seeks to improve
statistics education at all levels. It is distributed
electronically and publishes contributions that enhance the
exchange interesting and useful information among educators,
practitioners, and researchers around the world. The
intended audience includes anyone who teaches statistics, as
well as those interested in research on statistical and
probabilistic reasoning. All submissions are rigorously
refereed using a double-blind peer review process.

JSE has published articles on curricular reform in
statistics, the use of cooperative learning and projects,
innovative methods of instruction, assessment, research on
students' understanding of probability and statistics,
research on teaching of statistics, attitudes and beliefs
about statistics, creative and tested ideas for teaching
probability and statistics topics, and the use of computing
in teaching.

JSE has been published since 1993. Since 1999, JSE has been
an official publication of the American Statistical
Association (ASA). The archives of the journal through 1998
are available free on the ASA's web site access to new
issues is available to subscribers who pay a $10
subscription fee.


Editor: E. Jacquelin Dietz

Journal of Statistics Education is available free of charge as
an Open Access journal on the Internet.

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