Journal of World-Historical Information


The Journal of World-Historical Information is a peer-reviewed, semi-annual,

electronic journal dedicated to the interdisciplinary

project of creating and maintaining a comprehensive world-

historical data resource. The journal operates under the

guidance of the Collaborative for Historical Information and

Analysis (CHIA,, the collaborative

network which is creating the data resource. The data

resource addresses several centuries in time with data

aggregated up to the global level. The journal focuses on

the particular problems of historical data—their

heterogeneity, the high cost of collecting, digitizing, and

documenting such data and, on the other hand, the high value

of historical data for temporal analysis of the past and

projection into the future. The Journal publishes five

principal types of articles: editorial essays, articles on

published or immediately forthcoming datasets,

methodological essays, analytical articles articles, and

reviews of published datasets.

While other journal address separately the issues of

information science, techniques of geographic and temporal

analysis, and methods in historical studies, JWHI is

distinct in focusing attention on the interplay of these

aspects of creating, curating, and analyzing world-

historical data. JWHI gives particular attention not only

to the collection and housing of existing data but to the

transformation of data to generate comprehensive and

comparable data for the world and its subunits over the past

several centuries.

Editor: Patrick Manning

Subject: World Historical Data

Date Posted: 5 March, 2013

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013
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