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Subject: Kaleria

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Subject: Kaleria

URL: http://www.kaleria.com/kaleria/
(Link inactive 4 June 2004)

Welcome to the interactive world of SCI-FI &

We at STJ Publications are thrilled to offer you a new experience in
interactive, online entertainment. Kaleria, The magazine of SCIENCE
FICTION & FANTASY," available August, 1995, will actually transform any
computer screen into a quality science fiction and fantasy publication.
This transformation is made possible through the use of our distinctive
Enhanced A udio-Visual Viewer.

Each monthly issue comes complete with graphics, comic strips,
interviews and exciting stories for all ages. With KALERIA, you don't
have to worry about a mountain of paper cluttering up your home or
office. The entire magazine is available on floppy disc format, which
will either be mailed to you each month, or can be conveniently
downloaded off of our FTP site.

[Fee-based: Cost is $25 per year]


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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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