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Subject: Kulttuurivihkot

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Subject: Kulttuurivihkot

(Link inactive 4 June 2004)

Kulttuurivihkot is a bi-monthly Finnish journal devoted to arts and
entertainment. We cover both high and popular culture in its various
forms: literature, movies, music, animation, cartoons...

In our latest issues we have featured personalities and issues like ice
hockey, British comedies, Sally Mann, Kate Bush, Jean Baudrillard,
ecology and culture, the history of Italian cinema, Hunter S.

We have also looked into Japanese animation, black erotica, Cerebus,
Postgender movement, war games and many other widely diverse subjects.
The very best of new finnish poetry, prose and comics can also be found
in Kulttuurivihkot.

Unfortunately you will not be able to get much out of Kulttuurivihkot if
you do not understand Finnish. On the other hand there is probably no
better reason for learning our language than being able to enjoy the
coolest journal on the planet.


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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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