Lingue Antiche e Moderne


Lingue Antiche e Moderne

Description: The new Journal Lingue antiche e moderne aims to create a
virtual meeting place of discussion for classical and modern linguists
and philologists to promote the spirit of collaboration and
partnership among different languages and cultures, the main tenet of
the Association of Language Graduates (Associazione dei Laureati in
Lingue) of the University of Udine (Italy). From the very beginning,
the University of Udine has always valued the Latin language and
literature offering courses in the curricula of the undergraduate and
post-graduate degrees in Foreign Languages and Literatures.
This Journal is a unique and original scientific initiative because it
aims to overcome the current tendency towards divisive specialization
among disciplines.
In particular, the Journal welcomes submissions which investigate how
classical languages are still essential and have been highly vital and
influential throughout our modern world, from Humanism to Classicism,
thus becoming the languages of the Modern world. A privileged focus
will be given to language teaching and learning, since in Europe Latin
has always been the language par excellence in schools and
universities. More specifically, the Journal will focus on how
present-day language theories influence the analysis of ancient and
classical languages and are influenced by it.

We hope that, thanks to its aims, scope and free on-line access, the
Journal will represent a link between the world of school education
and academia and will actively promote the connection between
scientific research and language teaching.

Publisher: Associazione dei Laureati in Lingue dell’Università di Udine

Language: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Country: Italy

Frequency: Annual

Publication fee: No

Subscription fee: No

Start year: 2012

E-ISSN: 2281-4841


Abstracts: Yes

Language of abstracts: English

Keywords: Language

Subject: Language and Literature

Date Posted: 27 March, 2013

Original posting date: 
Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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