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Living Poets

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Subject: Living Poets

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Subject: Living Poets
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Living Poets
edited by Sean Woodward

Welcome to the home of Powerful New Poetry

Web Site Inaugurated April 1995 Era Vulgaris

Published By

Dragonheart Press

in association with
World Wide Web specialists DRC Internet

(C) Copyright Dragonheart Press 1995
All works are (C) Copyright their author 1995
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Living Poets is the magazine of the Living Poets Society

No part of this Electronic Magazine may be reproduced in anything other
than its original form, other than for the purposes of review, without
the permission of the Editor. Nor may any charge be made for any part
of the magazine without the permission of the appropriate copyright
holder. A charge not exceeding costs may be made for distribution.

Volume I Number I
Volume I Number II
Volume I Number III
Volume I Number IV



Living Poets is the ejournal of the Living Poets Society, a postal
poetry group adminstered by Dragonheart Press, a member of the
Association of Little Presses and sponsor of the Derby Writers Guild.

It has been created to encourage poets of any age and location to share
their work and realise publication through the medium of electronic

For membership details please apply in writing to Dragonheart Press.
Free membership is granted to Secondary Schools in the UK and poets
under 16.

Applicants seeking membership should write, enclosing a stamped
addressed envelope or international postage coupon to:-

The Living Poets Society, Dragonheart Press,
11 Menin Road,Allestree,Derby DE22 2NL, UK

Submissions from the electronic community will be considered for
publication without membership of the Society being required. All
correspondence will be considered for publication unless a request to
the contrary is included.


Comments, queries and questions can be sent electronically to Sean Woodward at:

Surface/Air Mail to:-

Living Poets Society Dragonheart Press, 11 Menin Road,Allestree,Derby
DE22 2NL England

I hope you've enjoyed this edition of Living Poets. If you have any comments,
good or bad, I'm eager to hear them! Also the contributors this magazine will
be overjoyed, as many do not have access to email or the Web.

Dutiful thanks go to Angela (Always), Paul Carroll at The Crypt and Sean
Clark at DRC Internet.

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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