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Subject: Logbank

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"A Magazine for Philosophical Logic"

LogBank belongs to that category of information systems which may be
DISCs, to be opposed to such information systems as (i) static ones, and
(ii) those established mainly for reference purposes (as encyclopedias,
concordances, etc.).

A d y n a m i c system combines the function of a data-store with
that of a forum for discussion which brings new data to enrich the
store. A system for c o l l a b o r a t i o n involves a special
classification of data, viz. that according to modes of collaboration:
a DISC is meant to assist collaboration among distant participants of a
research, prospective participants of a conference being organized,
contributors to a volume to be published, between an author and his
critical readers, etc. Such modes of collaboration are reflected in the
contents of LogBank directories.

The "bank" metaphor is to hint that the service includes "deposit
accounts". That is to say, data about a user's activities (books,
conferences, etc.), "deposited" by him, may prompt other users'
reactions to increase the wealth of information to the depositor's
advantage. The term "magazine" is to mean both information store and
forum. The adjective "electronic", redundant in the Internet
environment, proves useful for some classificatory purposes.

Successive LogBank editions are distinguished by numbers to hint at
major changes (e.g., in the structure of directories), while updating
within the established structure results in a new version (of the
existing edition), distinguished by its date (month and year). When a
piece of information becomes out of date (say, an announced conference
is over), and yet may be of interest, it is stored in the directory

At the present stage, even if those issues and circles happen to be
treated in LogBank more extensively which are closer to the Editors'
interests and affiliations, this is no intended policy. LogBank is open
to any data, messages, and discussions which may be of interest for
logicians and philosophers anywhere in the world.

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01. INTRODUCTION to LogBank (a magazine for philosophical logic).
02. CONFERENCES on philosophical logic and related fields
03. BOOK PROJECTS in philosophical logic
04. NEW BOOKS relevant to philosophical logic.
05. SPARs: Self-Presentations of Authors to win Responses.
06. RESEARCH PROJECTS in philosophical logic and related fields.
07. ADDRESSES in philosophical logic and related fields (in Poland).
08. LOGBANK CONNECTIONS with akin information services.
09. The ARCHIVES of LogBank experiments.
10. LogBank help - Start, downloading, search.


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