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Subject: MacUser

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Subject: MacUser

Note: Title merged with MacWorld
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(Link active 17 June 2004)

[Monthly WWW edition of print magazine, with a selection of articles
from print edition and additional, online-only information.]

[Table of Contents, current issue]

New on the Menu
We take an exclusive first look at Power Computing's new low-end
CPU, the future of Internet software appears on the horizon, Apple
introduces a host of new printers, and SyQuest takes on Iomega's
Zip drive.
Cover Story / Power Macintosh 9500
New top-of-the-line Mac features a new PPC chip, a new bus, and a
new System 7.
Review / Power Computing Power 100
Fully compatible clone gets high marks for speed and configurability.
Net Traveler / A Trip to the Mailbox
Maggie Canon / Trash Talkin'
Andy Ihnatko / CD-Rummage
John Dvorak / What If . . .
What's in the August 1995 print edition of MacUser

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