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Subject: Mediatribe

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Subject: Mediatribe

Concordia University's Undergraduate Journal of
Communication Studies

Volume 5, Issue 1 -- Spring 1995

Mediatribe is the undergraduate journal of Communication Studies at
Concordia University, Montreal,Canada. It is published with the
assistance of the Dean of Arts and Science, the Dean of Students, the
Department of Communication Studies, the Concordia Student Union and the
Communication Studies Guild. At this moment, Mediatribe is unofficially
published on the World Wide Web on the Computer Science server of
Concordia University.

[sample contents]

Fuse Your Illusion In virtual reality, to describe something is to
create it
/ Neil Kandalgaonkar

Public Relations and Propaganda Both fields are historically related but
seen in radically different ways
/ Wendy Chadwick

The Bad Influence Representation of Marijuana in Hollywood Films
/ Phillipa Klein

Turning the Gaze Around and Orlando The existence of texts which present
a female gaze challenge theses about the ubiquitous male gaze of
mainstream cinema
/ Nuria Enciso

Dressing Marcia: the construction of gender in the 1990s The demands
made on Clark's public persona reveal a persistent intolerance for women
challenging conventionally defined gender roles
/ Eileen Stack

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