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The Medical Sciences Bulletin Mailing List

MSB is a monthly publication designed for but not limited to an audience
of health-care professionals (pharmacologists, pharmacists, nurses,
physicians, clinical researchers). Its focus is the theory and practice
of clinical pharmacology.

o up-to-the-minute summaries of new advances in
pharmacology and therapeutics, culled from the
international medical literature

o DrugFAQs, a selection of frequently asked questions about
clinical therapeutics, with answers provided by
JOE GRAEDON, the leading drug expert for consumers in the
U.S. and author of "The People's Pharmacy" books and
syndicated newspaper columns.

o FDA New Drug Approvals

o reports on trends and controversies in clinical
pharmacology and health care, new indications and
contraindications for established drugs

The Medical Sciences Bulletin has been published in a hardcopy format
since 1977. When compared with other medical and health sciences
newsletters (including Physicians' Drug Alert, Drug Alerts for Internal
Medicine, The Family Practice Newsletter, the Internal Medicine Alert,
and Journal Watch), the Medical Sciences Bulletin was found to provide
the best quality information AND the most information for its price.
(Shaughnessy AF et al. Survey and evaluation of newsletters marketed to
family physicians. J Am Board Fam Pract. 1992;5:573-579.)

If you have access to WWW, you may read a selection of articles from past
issues of MSB by visiting PharmInfoNet:

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in the body of the message (substitute your name where indicated). A
1-year subscription to MSB-L is US$ 30.00. A subscription form will be
emailed to you. You have 60 days to pay, during which time you will
receive 2 FREE issues.

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