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Subject: Museos

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Subject: Museos
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[In Spanish and English Editions]

Museos. This is how we have simply baptized this publication. It will
present the reader with what occurs in these places dedicated to the
exhibition of mankind's talent. Every month, you will find here a
selection of the exhibitions shown in museums around the world. In
addition, it presents daily news, ephemeris, and events of the art

More than an eagerness to suggest where to go, what truly motivates us
is to be able to inform what is happening, what goes on at the most
important museums.

[From the June Table of Contents]

Exhibitions that continue this quarter and end on the first semester
Exhibitions that continue this quarter and end on the second semester
Klimt, Kokoschka and Schiele in Madrid

The June Exhibitions Index

Jun/2. Watercolours from the collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Jun/4. Outdoor installation by sculptor Joel Shaphiro in Minneapolis
Jun/11. Rare Oceanic Art in Detroit
Jun/11. Piet Mondrian at the National Gallery of Art in Washington
Jun/13. Shaker Craftsmanship in Atlanta


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