Nature Chemistry


Nature Chemistry

Description: Nature Chemistry is dedicated to publishing high-quality
papers that describe the most significant and cutting-edge research in
all areas of chemistry. As well as reflecting the traditional core
subjects of analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, the
journal also features a broad range of chemical research including,
but not limited to, catalysis, computational and theoretical
chemistry, environmental chemistry, green chemistry, medicinal
chemistry, nuclear chemistry, polymer chemistry, supramolecular
chemistry and surface chemistry. Other cross-disciplinary topics such
as bioinorganic, bioorganic, organometallic and physical–organic
chemistry will also be featured. The submission of manuscripts
detailing multidisciplinary research performed at the interface of
chemistry and other scientific fields of inquiry such as biology,
materials science, nanotechnology and physics is also encouraged,
where the central theme of the work — and the major advances that are
reported — fall within the bounds of chemistry.

Language: English

Country: United Kingdom

Publisher: Nature Publishing Group (NPG)

Frequency: Monthly

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Start year: 2009

Keywords: Chemistry

Subject: Science

Date posted: 6 May 2013

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Monday, May 6, 2013
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