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SENDER: Steve Holden <>
Subject: The Real NewtNews

NewtNews_Info v.1.7.2

Hello! My name is Steve Holden (, and I
am a happy Newton MessagePad 110 user. I am also the editor and
publisher of NewtNews. If you are not sure of what NewtNews is, then
please let me explain.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Format
3. Frequency
4. Posting To Online Services
5. FTP
6. Email Listserver
7. WWW
8. Business
9. Reviews
10. Who's Who at NewtNews
11. Conclusion


I have been a Macintosh user and Apple customer since 1986 when I got my
MacPlus for college. I'm pretty much a complete Macintosh bigot. When
Apple came out with the Newton MessagePad I was very excited, but I
decided to wait until the second round.

Even before purchasing my Newton, I noticed that the Newton was
mentioned a lot in the mainstream and industry press, and that there was
a need for a summarized listing of Newton and PDA information. I felt
this would help Newton users in two ways:

1. they could quickly find out about important Newton

2. it would galvanize the Newton community to see that
the Newton was really everywhere.

So during the course of my busy day I read Internet News, MacWeek,
MacWorld, MacUser, InfoWorld, etc. ... and whenever a Newton or PDA
industry piece of news is mentioned I do a short review. People have
also started to send me email about the Newton that hasn't been
discussed in the press.

NewtNews will always be a freeware newsletter.

I'm really sold on the Newton/PDA concept, so NewtNews is my
contribution to the Newton/PDA community. If a revolution and then an
eventual evolution is going to take place, everyone must make some sort
of contribution.


NewtNews is in setext format so it can be viewed in outline form using
Easy View or sv setext browser. NewtNews is best viewed in 9 point
Monaco, and is written using BBEdit 3.0.1. BBEdit is an excellent text
editor. I highly recommend it. For more information you can contact

NewtNews' Newton Book format Editions 0112 and higher are being
published by myself. Editions 0101-0107 were published by Steve Shannon


There is an attempt to publish NewtNews on a weekly basis. This is not
a gaurentee, but since July 1994 we have been publishing on a weekly
basis. The release date is scheduled for Mondays.

Posting To Online Services

The plan of action is to post NewtNews in setext format to the Internet
newsgroup comp.sys.newton.misc on a weekly basis.

This version of NewtNews is also posted to:

eWorld by David Mac Makin (
CompuServe by William J. Fickas (
AOL by Phillip M. Torrone (
AppleLink by Steve Linke (


You can anonymously FTP the latest and past issues of NewtNews in both
text and Macintosh Newton book format from:
(Link inactive 1 July 2004)

This is the official home of NewtNews. It is administered by Bob Torres
( You can also still get NewtNews at our old ftp site:
(Link inactive 1 July 2004)

NewtNews can also be found at:
(Link inactive 1 July 2004)
(Link inactive 1 July 2004)

Email Listserver

This is the best way to get NewtNews because it will be delivered to
your email box in text. This list will not get very much traffic. It
is not a discussion list, all posts must go through an approval process.


You must have the following text in the body of your message:

subscribe newt_news

It does not matter what your SUBJECT: is.

If you are on the Internet, eWorld, or AOL you can place the following
address in your TO:

If you are on CompuServe your TO: must be in this format:
(entered at 'Send to:' prompt)

If you are on AppleLink your TO: must be in this format:


Send the below text in the body of your message to

unsubscribe newt_news <<your email address>>


If you have any questions about the policy of the list owner, please
contact "". For help on majordomo
functions, send mail to with the word 'help'
in the body of the message (excluding the quotes). If you have
questions about the email list please contact: Bob "NewtNews mailing
list guy" Torres (


The above services may or may not have some sort of service fee for
sending and receiving Internet email. And may frown upon joining an
email list. There is also a possibility that NewtNews will get "sliced
and diced" into several messages because of its length. If you are
having troubles subscribing to NewtNews please contact the respective
email help provided by the service.


The WWW site is up and running. Point your favorite WWW broswer at:
(Link inactive 1 July 2004)


I am a pro-business on the Internet person, but I think the Internet has
its own kind of rules on advertisement. If you advertise - it should be
simple, direct, and unobtrusive So, I have created a specific area in
Newton news for advertisement. If a reader is not interested, then they
can skip it.

Please contact me if you are interested in advertising in NewtNews and
we can discuss the options. NewtNews offers advertsing opportunities in
the setext, Newton book, and WWW versions. It is probably the quickest,
and cheapest way to get information to Newton users worldwide.


Anyone can do a review, as long as they are truthful and don't have a
financial interest in a product.

The ideal review would be formatted like previous reviews done in
NewtNews. The review should not be longer than one page of text. It
should include the cost of the product, and contact information for
getting a hold of the maker of the product. Email is preferred, phone
numbers tolerated, but snail mail is shunned.

Reviews may be changed by the Editor, but if changes are made the author
will have final say on revisions. Formatting decisions will always be
at the discretion of the Publisher. The Editor requests that all
reviews be turned in on Friday to be included into the upcoming Monday
publication. If you are interested in a topic, please send mail to the
Reviews Editor - Bob Torres ( If you would like your
product to be reviewed please send mail also to Bob, and he will
coordinate the logistics.

Who's Who at NewtNews

Steve Holden, Editor and Publisher, (

Bob Torres, Reviews Editor, FTP Site Administrator, Email Listserver
Administrator, (

Dan Pollack, Publisher of HTML Version, WWW Site Administrator,

Legal Stuff

NewtNews is copyright 1994-95 Steve Holden. Non-profit, non-commercial
publications may reprint articles if full credit is given. Others
please contact me. I don't guarantee accuracy of articles.
Publication, product, and company names may be registered trademarks of
their companies. Edupage and Innovation have given NewtNews permission
to reproduce their articles without modification.


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. I'm
very interested in any comments, suggestions, etc. ... you might have.


Steve Holden (
Editor and Publisher of NewtNews

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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