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Nightclub and Bar Magazine

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 21:25:11 GMT
Subject: Nightclub and Bar Magazine

Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 10:21:03 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Nightclub and Bar Magazine

Who are we? Glad you asked. We're the life of the party, that's who we
are--a merry, young band of revelers and ne'er-do-wells who, somehow,
against all odds and despite our parents' direst predictions, made good.
We're Nightclub and Bar Magazine, the nation's premiere trade magazine
for nightclub, bar, tavern, lounge and restaurant owners, managers,
entertainment directors, DJs, bartenders, servers, busboys--you name
'em, they read us. They're hooked. If a bouncer roughed you up last
night, it's probably because he lost his latest copy of NC&B. (And
we're really sorry about that.)

Since 1984 we've been teaching folks how to make money in the nightlife
entertainment industry. We've made a lot of them rich. Consequently,
they've made us the "bible of the bar biz." Now we're spreading the
gospel to all four corners of the earth via the World Wide Web.

[Features, Current issue]

When nightclub entrepreneur Marc Bortz (Venus, Vertigo, the Paladrome) went
looking for new nightclub locations, he found a bargain -of all places-
Chicago's shopping malls.
Southern Exposure
Looking for new moneymaking ideas? Want to open your own bar or nightclub?
Go south, young operator, to the NC&B Expo in Atlanta June 25-27.
Satellite Wars
The boom in sports programming translates into increased profits -and
heightened competition for customers among sports bar operators.

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