Nineteenth-Century Literature - Electronic Edition (NCL-E)


Nineteenth-Century Literature - Electronic Edition (NCL-E)
Project SCAN
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Thanks to Birdie MacLennan (of SERIALST fame), who passed this on from
NETTRAIN Digest ( It represents an
important advance in humanities publishing.


Date: Tue, 08 Nov 1994 13:38:23 +0000

November 1, 1994
For Immediate Release

Project SCAN

University of California Partners
Seek Trailblazers for the Electronic Frontier

Would you like to help shape the electronic future of humanities
scholarship? You can do so the next time you sit at your keyboard, by
exploring SCAN--Scholarship from CAlifornia on the Net. SCAN is a pilot
project to facilitate broad scholarly access to humanities journals and
monographs by publication on the Internet. This project is a
collaboration among the University of California Press, the University
Libraries at Berkeley, Irvine, and Los Angeles, and the Division of
Library Automation of the Office of the President. It draws together
the resources of the University of California community to harness
electronic technologies in support of new methods of scholarly
communication in teaching, learning, and research. Because the goal of
SCAN is to create a viable electronic publishing and research model, the
SCAN partners are encouraging librarians, faculty, researchers, and
students to help test and enhance the pilot project.

In its pilot phase, SCAN represents an early experiment to develop an
economically viable publishing model for humanities scholarship that
integrates electronic publishing, library access, and scholarly use.
Initially, the SCAN partners have created a prototype electronic edition
of an existing print journal, Nineteenth-Century Literature, to test
networked access from remote and local workstations, ease of use,
searching tools, and cost recovery mechanisms. To encourage widespread
use and feedback, the current and recent back issues of
Nineteenth-Century Literature - Electronic Edition (NCL-E) are available
free of charge on the gopher server of the Library at the University of
California at Berkeley.

The NCL-E files can be reached by the following gopher path: at the
prompt, use gopher to connect to (make sure
your settings indicate port 70 and gopher+ [Gopher Plus] server.) Once
you have reached infolib through gopherspace, select menu items:
Electronic Journals, Books, Indexes and Other Sources; Journals;
Nineteenth-Century Literature.

Nineteenth-Century Literature - Electronic Edition features full texts
of the current year and the past three years of the journal, including
tables of contents, all articles, books reviews, notes, and descriptive
lists of contributors. New issues will be added as they are released.
To facilitate the broadest possible use, the articles are formatted in
two different ways: text-only version (ASCII), and Rich Text Format
(Microsoft RTF). The text-only versions of the articles are included in
a WAIS index to facilitate limited on-line browsing. A simple command
from the NCL-E gopher menu allows you to use keywords, such as an
author's name or a particular term, to search across the entire on-line
collection, providing paragraph-by-paragraph views of the search hits.
These hits can be used to locate the abstract of the article, which can
then be read on-screen to confirm interest in the selection.

In order to view the full, formatted text, you will need to download or
print the file. The downloaded files can be manipulated using a variety
of standard word-processing programs, including all versions of
Microsoft Word, newer versions of WordPerfect, and the Write application
of Windows.

A brief set of instructions is included below. In addition to complete
instructions for using the search and formatting features, the NCL-E
gopher menu contains a questionnaire soliciting feedback and suggestions
for how the electronic journal prototype can be further developed to
meet the needs of scholars. We encourage you to fill out and return
this questionnaire.

The University of California partners are currently seeking funding to
expand the pilot project to include additional journals, monographs, and
primary source materials in literary studies, classics, and history.
They envision SCAN as a base of scholarship enhanced with authoring and
document-preparation tools and sophisticated electronic-navigation tools
that will enable scholars working at individual workstations to access a
database from which pieces can be combined and repackaged to meet a
variety of specialized research, teaching, and learning needs.

With SCAN, the University of California partners are beginning the
development of a sustainable model for the creation, dissemination, and
utilization of humanities scholarship that both offers an economically
viable transition to electronic communication and also supports the
University's mission of providing widespread public access to the
research results achieved by its scholars.

Contacts: Rebecca Simon

Sandra Whisler

Nineteenth-Century Literature
(c) University of California Press, 1994

A. Overview

This document provides instructions for Nineteenth-Century
Literature Electronic Edition (NCL-E). Because there are many different
versions of gopher client and server software, the descriptions
contained here cannot address all the needs of all users. Instead, we
offer helpful guidelines for using this electronic product.

B. NCL Menu Structure and File Locations
1. NCL-E currently includes files for Volumes 46-49:2
2. To access ASCII files
a. go to NCL-E gopher menu
b. the top menu item will let you search all the files (see
* text-only (ASCII) versions of the articles are included
* the full ASCII files are not available separately
3. To access Rich Text Format (Microsoft RTF) files
a. look for them by volume and issue number
b. download the file (see below)
c. on your computer, open your word processor FIRST
open the RTF file from inside your word processor

C. Searching NCL-E
1. If you know the volume and issues you want
a. select it from the top-level NCL-E gopher menu
2. If you want to conduct a keyword search
a. go to NCL-E menu
b. choose "Search Index to Nineteenth-Century Literature"
c. dialog box will appear asking for words for which to search.
keep the following in mind:
* you may enter more than one word at a time, but
independent searches will be done
* search command is NOT case-sensitive
* you cannot use boolean search qualifiers such as AND
or OR to limit searches

D. Downloading Articles
1. Use hits information to identify the RTF files you want
2. To download articles from the gopher server
a. select from menu
b. enter file name
c. file will be placed in home account under filename
d. you may need to move the file from a server to your own
computer. (If more details are needed, consult your local
system administrator or technical support staff.)

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