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NISS Advisor - Issue : 25 Date: 28 February 1995

N I S S A d v i s o r N I S S A d v i s o r N I S S A d v i s o r N
S Latest Information S
A d v i s o r N I S S A d v i s o r N I S S A d v i s o r N I S S !
NISSBB section B4B25


1) Connections to OPACs from the new NISS Information Gateway
2) "Field-based" searches on the NISS Information Gateway
3) Break in daily newsfeed of The Times on-line

1) Connections to OPACs from the new NISS Information Gateway

Following the launch of the NISS Information Gateway on 9 February, a
number of users had reported difficulties with making successful
connections to some of the OPAC services. The sources of these problems
have been investigated and many have been resolved, restoring the
connections from the Information Gateway to the OPACs listed below.

British Library of Political and Economic Science
Bath University Library Information Services
Cambridge University OPAC
London University, Queen Mary and Westfield College OPAC
Open University Catalogue
University College of Swansea OPAC
University of Aberdeen OPAC
University of Abertay Dundee OPAC
University of East Anglia OPAC
University of Lancaster OPAC
University of Leeds OPAC
University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology OPAC
University of North London OPAC
University of Nottingham OPAC
University of Plymouth OPAC
University of Reading OPAC
University of St. Andrews OPAC
University of Southampton Online Catalogue
University of Sunderland OPAC
University of Surrey OPAC
University of Wales College of Cardiff OPAC
University of Westminster OPAC

More than 90 Library OPACs are collected together in the "Works of
reference and bibliographic services" category, and some subject-specific
OPACs can also be accessed via the "Subject and academic disciplines"

Please note that the collection of OPACs accessible via the old NISS
Gateway (telnet, then option R from the Gateway main menu) is
no longer being maintained - changes to OPAC addresses and other details
will be reflected on the new NISS Information Gateway only. If you
encounter problems with making connections to OPACs from the old NISS
Gateway, you may find that the solution lies in switching to the new NISS
Information Gateway (accessible via option I from the old Gateway main menu,
or via the URL:

We welcome feedback from users of our services - the NISS Information
Gateway has a "comments" facility which lets you send an email message
directly to NISS.

2) "Field-based" searches on the NISS Information Gateway

Searching for information in certain resources on the new NISS Information
Gateway is easier and more focussed with the introduction of field-based
search mechanisms.

Since the information held in resources such as the HEQC Access Courses
database is separated into a number of named fields, a specific search can
easily be made in each field (or across a number of fields at the same time).
This means that the search is focussed on areas of the database where the
information you are seeking is likely to be found. However, a broader, free
text search across the whole database is also available if you are not sure
about the field structure.

(Additional information about the structure or content of a resource
available via the NISS Information Gateway can be obtained by clicking the
"[info]" link - this word usually appears next to the name of the resource
on Information Gateway displays).

When you access the HEQC Access Courses information via the NISS Information
Gateway you will be presented with a screen which offers a series of four
input boxes (lines rather than boxes on the VT100 text version of the
Information Gateway) - three for specific fields in the database (Title,
Field, and Institution) and the fourth allowing a free text search.

You should enter a search term then select the "search" button to locate
the information you require. Text can be entered in all four boxes (on each
line on the text version) if you wish - in this case the individual search
strings will be combined with an "and" Boolean operator.

A successful search will return a list of records from the database which
match your search criteria. For example, a single search term of the word
"theatre" entered in the "Title" box returns a list of four courses which
include the word "theatre" in its name or title. Each record can then be
viewed on screen, and can also be mailed back to your own machine if you

The HEQC Access Courses database is available in the "Higher education,
administrative and professional" collection of information on the NISS
Information Gateway. Field-based searching will be introduced for other
appropriate resources on the Information Gateway in the future.

3) Break in daily newsfeed of The Times on-line

There was a short break in the daily newsfeed of The Times last week, which
meant that no updates were made from the 18-22 February. This interruption
in the service was caused by problems with transmission of the data from
the information providers to American Cybercasting Corporation, the
company that supplies NISS with The Times material.

The problem has now been resolved and daily updates have resumed, including
the restoration of last week's missing issues. We apologise for any
inconvenience caused by the interruption to the service.

(Subscribing sites can access The Times via the NISS Gateway - select
option D, NISS Newspapers and Journals Services, from the Gateway's main
menu. The Times is not currently available from the new NISS Information
Gateway. Further details about subscription costs for The Times can be
found at the URL: gopher:// or in
section D3B47 on NISSBB.)

| enquiries about NISS services should be made to :- |
| |
| general queries Tel: 01225-826036 |
| NISSBB 01225-826036 |
| NISSWAIS 01225-826047 |
| NISS Gateway 01225-826047 |
| NISS Information Gateway 01225-826047 |
| |

Unless otherwise indicated, information and services mentioned above can be
accessed via the NISS Information Gateway. The service can be accessed from
WWW with the URL: A text-only version of the service
can be accessed via a 'telnet' command (or 'call niss' from a PAD>
prompt) - select option I for the new NISS Information Gateway.

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