O social em questão. Revista do Departamento de Ser viço Social


O social em questão. Revista do Departamento de Serviço Social


The biannual journal O social em questão. Revista do Departamento de
Serviço Social is an official publication of the Programa de
Pós-graduação of the

Departamento de Serviço Social da Pontifícia of la Universidade
Católica do Rio de Janeiro.

O Social em Questão aims to publish debates, analyses, and research on
issues considered relevant to fields of social work and related topics
and is

open to interdisciplinary social sciences. The main target groups are
professionals, teachers, researchers and representatives of social and

movements related areas.

The purpose of this publication is to contribute to the production of
knowledge, academic debate, and teacher training in the areas of
social work and the

like, and with the construction of agendas at all levels of society,
in order to influence the development of public policies that seek to
reduce social

inequalities. Each issue focuses on a theme previously defined by the
Editorial Board.

P-ISSN: 1415-1804

E-ISSN: 2238-9091

Contact: Revista O Social em Questão, do Departamento de Serviço
Social da PUC-Rio

E-mail: osq@puc-rio.br

Subject: Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Social Services

Date Posted: 9th January, 2013

Original posting date: 
Thursday, January 10, 2013
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