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Subject: Omphalos

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Subject: Omphalos
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The Allegheny Speculative Fiction Review

[A journal consisting primarily of book and magazine reviews, with a
science-fiction bent.]

[From the current Table of Contents]

EDITORIAL: Why Omphalos? by John Leavitt

Jack Cady: The Sons of Noah and Other Stories; review by John Leavitt
John Crowley: Great Work of Time; review by John Leavitt
Patricia Geary: Strange Toys; review by John Leavitt
Ian McDonald: Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone; review by John Leavitt
William L. Ramseyer: Jellyfish Mask; review by Shannon Turlington
Kim Stanley Robinson: Green Mars; review by John Leavitt
Horace Walpole: Hieroglyphic Tales; review by Shannon Turlington
Jack Womack: Elvissey; review by John Leavitt

Analog: March 1994; review by Steven Pitluk
Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine: March 1994; review by Steven Pitluk
Expanse: #2; review by Steven Pitluk
Fantasy and Science Fiction: March 1994; review by John Leavitt
Fantasy and Science Fiction: April 1994; review by John Leavitt

COMMENTARY:The New Internet Writer by E. Jay O'Connell


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