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Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 15:26:42 GMT
Subject: Online World Handbook

Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 08:05:11 +0100
From: (Michael Uwe Moebius)
Subject: The Online World Monitor

Date: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 15:58:58 +0100
Subject: New release: The Online World handbook

Note: newsletter no longer issued.
(Link active 1 July 2004)

For immediate release:

THE ONLINE WORLD Resources Handbook

Version 1.9
(Tenth release, January 30, 1995)

The Internet continues to move fast. Even for a handbook that appears
every second month, it is hard to keep it current.

Highlights of changes since the November release of The Online World
resources handbook (ISBN 82-7820-000-9):

Africa is getting online with Web and Gopher servers. We have visited
many interesting sites, and net addresses to the most interesting ones
have been added.

Free sources of news and travel information are growth areas on the
Internet. The offerings are now split by continent for easier browsing.
New and updated pointers for European Community information are added.

Some believe that the networks are English language domains. This is
changing fast as people outside North America get online. The handbook
has interesting pointers for those into foreign language training.

Sources have also been added on Patent information (Internet), politics,
alcoholism, cancer, women's health issues.

The dramatic popularity of the World Wide Web is changing the way we use
the Internet. People increasingly uses Web-browsers to retrieve files,
and visit Gopher sites. Services providing WWW texts by email extend
offerings to new user groups throughout the world. The handbook
gradually changes accordingly.

In the commercial domain, there have been a wave of mergers and
take-overs. Names and addresses changes. Internet connectivity

Finally, easier methods for accessing Frequently Asked Question files
(FAQs) have been added, and you can now get Usenet/Netnews easily by

The handbook

In case you didn't know: The handbook's mission is to provide updates on
important developments, with pointers for resources and more
information. Internet, Usenet, BITNET, Fidonet, Echo, CompuServe,
DIMDI, NIFTY-Serve, and others.

Offerings outside North America are emphasized. Examples range from
databases to entertainment and the bizarre to special services for
professionals and organizations.

The easiest way to retrieve the book is to point your Web browser at the
following URL:
(Link inactive 1 July 2004)

or by using one of these pointers:
(Link inactive 1 July 2004)
(Link inactive 1 July 2004)

If these methods do not suit you, send for a text describing how to get
the book by anonymous ftp, email, and download from CompuServe. To get
this file, send email to LISTSERV@VM1.NODAK.EDU with the following
command in the TEXT of your mail:


There is more!

Sample articles in hypertext from The Online World Monitor newsletter is
available at
(Link inactive 1 July 2004)

The newsletter is a bi-monthly, ASCII online product that focuses on the
changes in the online world, trends, and important new developments
around the world.


Odd de Presno
(Author, publisher, Norwegian)

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