Organic Process Research & Development


Subject: Organic Process Research & Development
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 15:50:43 -0400 (EDT)

Organic Process Research & Development

ISSN 1083-6160

The American Chemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry are
pleased to announce their copublication of Organic Process Research &
Development beginning with the January 1997 issue.

Turn here for a peer-reviewed, practical link between organic chemistry
and chemical engineering. Every other month, Organic Process Research &
Development will emphasize the design of chemical processes and their
translation from the laboratory-via pilot plant-to manufacture.

Featuring full papers with experimental sections, reviews, notes,
summaries of research and technology reports, the Journal will cover
relevant aspects of organic chemistry, catalysis, analytical chemistry,
and chemical engineering. Organic Process Research & Development will
encompass R&D, as well as related academic chemistry, in the fine organic
chemical and specialty chemical industries, such as: pharmaceuticals . . .
agrochemicals . . . flavors and fragrances . . . dyestuff and photographic
chemicals . . . electronics . . . intermediates . . . food additives . . .
and specialty polymers.

The ACS Publications Division has announced that its entire collection
of journals now have Web editions. Debuting at the ACS National Meeting
in Las Vegas, electronic versions of 20 journals join the 6 titles
currently available on the Web. To kick off the launch, ACS is making
access to these titles FREE for the remainder of 1997. Full-text articles
are available in both HTML and PDF formats.

Recent Contents:

Optimization and Scale-Up of an Asymmetric Route to the LTB4
Inhibitor Ontazolast Gregory P. Roth, John J. Landi, Jr., Annette
M. Salvagno, and Hermann Müller-Bötticher [Abstract][Full Text -
HTML][Full Article - PDF]

Kinetic and Calorimetric Considerations in the Scale-Up of the
Catalytic Reduction of a Substituted Nitrobenzene M. J. Girgis,
K. Kiss, C. A. Ziltener, M. Prashad, D. Har, R. S. Yoskowitz, B.
Basso, O. Repic, T. J. Blacklock, and R. N. Landau
[Abstract][Full Text - HTML][Full Article - PDF]

Identification of Infrared Spectral Features Related to Solution
Structure for Utilization in Solubility and Supersaturation
Measurements Dilum D. Dunuwila and Kris A. Berglund
[Abstract][Full Text - HTML][Full Article - PDF]

Scale-Up of the Nitration of
1-Acetyl-3,4-dichloro-1,2-(ethylenedioxy)benzene Using Nitric
Acid/Trifluoroacetic Acid Bruce A. Kowalczyk, Philip N. Roberts,
Gerald K. McEwen, and James Robinson III [Abstract][Full Text -
HTML][Full Article - PDF]

Amino Diol Based Asymmetric Syntheses of a Fused
Benzazepine as a Selective D1 Dopamine Receptor Guangzhong
Wu, YeeShing Wong, Martin Steinman, Wanda Tormos, Doris P.
Schumacher, George M. Love, and Bruce Shutts [Abstract][Full
Text - HTML][Full Article - PDF][Supporting Information]

Catalytic Oxidation of Ethylbenzene to Acetophenone Using
Alumina-Supported Dichromate: Process Optimisation and
Development of a Continuous Process Ian C. Chisem, Keith
Martin, M. Tantoh Shieh, Janet Chisem, James H. Clark, Roshan
Jachuck, Duncan J. Macquarrie, John Rafelt, Colin Ramshaw, and
Keith Scott [Abstract][Full Text - HTML][Full Article - PDF]

6-(Trifluoromethyl)pyrid-2-one: Development and Scale-Up of a
Ring Synthesis Route Based on Trifluoroacetic Anhydride
Stephen M. Brown, Martin C. Bowden, Tracy J. Parsons, P.
McNeilly, and Paul J. de Fraine [Abstract][Full Text - HTML][Full
Article - PDF]

By-Products of Ethoxylation of Diethylethanolamine and Its
Solutions in Methanol Eugeniusz Milchert, Jan Poskrobko, and
Halina Poskrobko [Abstract][Full Text - HTML][Full Article - PDF]

Practical Synthesis of 4-Chloro-2-(2-naphthyl)quinoline, a
Precursor to Triple-Helix DNA Intercalators Lucjan Strekowski,
Oliwia Zegrocka, Christopher Windham, and Agnieszka Czarny
[Abstract][Full Text - HTML][Full Article - PDF]

Utilization of a Benzoyl Migration To Effect an Expeditious
Synthesis of the Paclitaxel C-13 Side Chain Zhiyong Hu1 and
Paul W. Erhardt [Abstract][Full Text - HTML][Full Article - PDF]

Pilot Plants and Scale-up of Chemical Processes Edited by W.
Hoyle. Royal Society of Chemistry: London, UK. 1997. 98 pp.
ISBN 0-85404-796-4. 42.50. Trevor Laird [Full Text -
HTML][Full Article - PDF]


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