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Date: Wed, 10 May 1995 18:31:51 GMT
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Subject: OS/2 Connect

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Subject: OS/2 Connect

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OS/2 CONNECT - May 1995

Title & Publisher

MAY 1995
Volume 1, Number 2


777 Alderman Road
Palm Harbor, FL 34683
United States
Tel: 813/786-4567
Fax: 813/786-4765
BBS: 813/786-4864
IBM Link: DEV2643

Tim Bryce - Editor
CompuServe: 76235,2364
E-Mail: TimB1557@aol.com

OS/2 CONNECT is a monthly newsletter that is distributed to OS/2 users
free of charge via computer networks and bulletin boards. It is
published by M. Bryce & Associates, Inc. (MBA). Although this file
may be freely copied and distributed as desired, any reproduction of the
contents of this document, without the expressed written permission of
MBA is strictly prohibited. Letters and manuscripts are welcomed and
reviewed for possible publication. Please supply narrative in ASCII
text format. Copyright (C) 1995 by M. Bryce & Associates, Inc. All
rights reserved.

Purpose & How Distributed

The intent of OS/2 CONNECT is to become your desktop repository for
sources of OS/2 information. Having been an OS/2 user since 1990
(version 1.2) we appreciate the need for developing and maintaining
contacts in support of the operating system. What we are trying to do
is become the authoritative source for OS/2 contacts in the world. We
do not consider ourselves in competition with any other publication. In
fact, we welcome the opportunity to cooperate with other publications in
promoting OS/2.

Being an independent company, not related in any way to IBM, we believe
we can be a fair and impartial source of information for all vendors
related to OS/2, not just Big Blue.

Our staff constantly sifts through a wide range of books, magazines,
mailing lists, computer networks, bulletin boards, news/press releases,
and other industrial contacts to research the current names, numbers and
addresses of vendors and institutions supporting OS/2. But we realize
that we are not perfect and people tend to change jobs and addresses
frequently. If there is a name or number we have overlooked, or
something requiring correction, please let us know about it as soon as
possible. In this day and age of electronic communications, there
should be no reason why you cannot send us correspondence or a press
release. In other words, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding
ideas for improving the newsletter or to send us updates and

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