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Subject: Peaks

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From: Lisabeth King <lisabeth>
Subject: Peaks
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Welcome to Peaks:An Online Magazine about Montana. In this online
publication you'll discover the work of Montana's writers, artists and
entrepreneurs. You'll also explore (through the wonders of hypertext
links) an entire array of things to do, places to go, and neat stuff to
get your hands on in the incredible Old West state of Montana, which is
indeed Big Sky Country.

Venture on to the Peaks of Montana!

Fiction: "The Last Go-Round:"
Rude, Crude Biker Fiction from a Montana writer...(Sex, violence,
obscenity and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Parental discretion
definitely advised!)...previously published in a nationally distributed

Skiing: "The Way It Used to Be"
A look back at skiing history on the Big Mountain in Montana

Interview: Making a Living in Montana: Marshall Noice
Chuck Russell interviews a local photographer who is able to survive
economically in this sparsely settled state.

Culinary Arts: PEAKS Divulges the Secret to Prize-Winning Chili!

The Ports Pages: News for CyberPort Montana Members

The Sam Ramble Column: Caustic Commentary from our Opinion Editor. We
offer an Introduction to Sam Ramble, and a column about a Genuine
Montana Character.

Field Notes: Improve Your Photographic Technique by Thom Harrop

Tech Notes: Thoughts on Telecommunications by CyberPort member Jeff

The Flathead Valley Click Tour
Montana Happenings and Events-Under Construction
Rick O'Shay Online
Peaks magazine is delighted to offer samples of the Rick O'Shay cartoon
strip, featuring Hipshot Percussion as Genuine Bad Guy, and the complete
Stan Lynde collection.

Peaks is also pleased to announce the publication of "Whitefish
Online version...coming soon!
Artists and Gallerys -Coming Soon
Weather & Road Conditions
Montana State
Montana Travel
Maps of Montana
Montana State Library
Other Montana sites

The following is a list of catalogs and other commercial sites from our

The Stan Lynde Collection of Classic Western Comic strips
The Enchanted Collection of exotic lingerie
The Peaks Collection of Neat Stuff From Montana
A Virtual Day at Creswood Resort
System Design Group
Medical Multimedia Group

About the First Edition

About the Staff of and Contributors to Peaks:

About CyberPort Montana: The Internet Company

How to contact Peaksor Peaks advertisers:

This is the First Issue of Peaks. Our next issue is due out May1, 1995.
As future editions are published, a library of back issues will be
avilable in this location.

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Connectivity and Internet Marketing Services throughout Montana. Call
406.863.3221 or e-mail to to arrange an Internet
Account, or for the design of your World Wide Web Page Presence.

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