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Prague Financial Monitor

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Subject: Prague Financial Monitor

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Subject: Prague Financial Monitor

The Prague Financial Monitor Automated Information Server

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The Prague Financial Monitor is a weekly Internet-based
investor's newsletter intended to provide up to date information
about the financial markets in the Czech Republic. In addition
to weekly market results, the Financial Monitor carries
important business, economic and financial news to provide
background to the market information. End-of-week Prague Stock
Exchange results are published for the listed stock market and
include information on week-to-week performance. Each week will
feature an in-depth analysis of the economy and financial
markets to give readers an insight into the events that effect
the PSE and the Czech market in general.

In addition, quarterly supplement issues are planned to provide
readers with important information such as members of the
exchange, full listings of all stocks and bonds on the market,
and other pertinent information.


The Prague Financial Monitor is now free. In order to subscribe,
see the information below.


The Prague Financial Monitor is available freely by sending a message
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