PRAXIS: Educational Research & Reflection


PRAXIS: Educational Research & Reflection
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 93 21:09:57 EDT
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Subject: PRAXIS

Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, is in the process of
creating a new electronic journal -- PRAXIS: Educational Research
& Reflection. This journal will initiate a conversation between
scholarly inquiry and the "wisdom of practice"; it is intended to be
an exchange of ideas, insights, and vision which has as its primary
goal the exploration of new ways of relating theory to its application
in the field.

Work published in the journal will include (a) educational research, both
quantitative and qualitative; (b) reflection about education in the form
of essays, experiences, and insights; and (c) editorial pieces such as
book reviews, regular columns, and letters to the editors. PRAXIS will be
especially interested in research that is meaningful and applicable to
educational practice and in critical essays, reviews, and commentaries
about school and society.

At present we are still in the planning phase. Within the next few
months, we will issue a call for papers. At that time we will also ask for
nominations of those willing to serve on the journal's editorial board.
Our vision is to publish only the highest quality of writing and thought.

Another goal is to run a moderated discussion list in conjunction with
the journal. PRAXIS will, of necessity, be offered on a subscription basis,
but the discussion list will be cost free.

With this in mind, we would like your input. Please respond to the
questions below and return to Thank you for your
time and assistance.
Jan Strever, Managing Editor


1. Does (or would) your institution recognize publication in an
electronic journal as a valid professional publication?

2. Would this type of journal be of interest to you?

3. What would you consider a fair price for a year's
subscription for a quarterly journal of this format?

4. Would you consider submitting articles for publication?

5. Do you know of anyone (including yourself) who would be
interested in serving on this journal's editorial board?

If you so choose, please add your name and your email address to your

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Sunday, July 30, 1995
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